Going Medieval Digitally

I´m sorry to say that there won´t be any regular post today, as I´ve simply not had time the past few Days to sit down and really write anything; among other things a consequence of the course I´m taking at the moment; “Medieval English Literature and Culture” of which my post about Whitby Abbey can be seen as an outburst.

But I have found a number of sources to go to when the want to know more becomes overwhelming, that I thought IKing_Henry_V_from_NPG would share with you;

First a number of podcasts about the Plantagenets and the time in which they lived; The Top 10 Plantagenet Podcasts from the Black Death to Richard III.

The second suggestion is a number of historic apps (well the apps aren´t historic obviously, but their subjects) chosen by History Today. I have downloaded a few of them to my own phone (enough to get a warning that the storage 582px-Workshop_of_Hans_Holbein_the_Younger_-_Portrait_of_Henry_VIII_-_Google_Art_Projectspace is about to run out), and they are really interesting.

Last but most definitively not least, Top Ten Tudor Podcasts. It should be mentioned that both these and the ones about the Plantagenets has been compiled by History Extra, and not me.

Hope you will hear or find something here that is new to you 🙂



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