Birthday of Henry VIII

On this day it is of course time to celebrate the birth of Henry VIII.

He was born at Greenwich Palace – previously known as the Palace of Placencia -as the third child of Elizabeth of York and Henry VII and was christened only days after his birth as was the custom of the time; children not rarely die only days after birth and the parents wanted to secure a place in heaven for the infants.

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York themselves were familiar with this type of tragedy, two of their own children, Edmund and Elizabeth, died young, in the case of young Elizabeth only days after her birth and she was tragically soon followed by her mother.

Henry wasn´t born as the heir of the throne, but this changed with the death of his older brother Arthur who passed away only 15 years old not long into his marriage to Katherine of Aragon.

I think there really is no need for any lenghty presentation of the boy who was born today, at one point I may very well post about the childhood of Henry VIII, but I think we all know that he would move on to be one of the most famous kings, not only England, but in the global perception of kingship, something that has of course been strengthened by movies, plays and television series.

Some will view him as the epitome of the tyranical monarch, and stay convinced that he out of madness executed all his wives. Others will view him from a more complex standpoint and also take into regards that he actually for quite some time of his reign he actually was the Renaissance Prince he set out to be.

In any event, Under the Tudor Rose wishes Henry VII a happy birthday.



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