Until recently a blog in Swedish which explains the multitude of posts in that language. Due to the fact that, like anyone who writes publicly, I want what I write to reach as many as possible, I have decided to switch to english.

Few subjects fascinates me the way English history does, and to my great embarrassment, I probably know more about English (and Irish) history than I do about my own. My interest started at an early age, and I don´t quite remember why. I do how ever that I could sit up all night reading encyclopedias about events and people that fascinated me.

Years have passed but the interest has remained, with a clear preference for the Tudor era. The more I have learned, how ever, the more the area of my interest has grown, thus the slightly wide subtitle of my blog.

Reaching adulthood, I decided to bring some academic structure to my interest, and I started off, maybe not in the most obvious direction, by studing Irish history, culture and politics as a part of a journalist education, between the years of 1988 and 1989. Somehow it do make sense as the faith of Ireland and England has been intertwined for

To me, the possibility of studying online has proved a invaluable way to further educate myself, 2010 – 2011 I took the course Understanding English History at London School of Journalism followed by “The Tudors: History, Culture and Religion” at the University of Exeter in the autumn of 2013.

Last year, september to november 2014 I took the course “Henrik VIII” at the University of Oxford, also online.

From mid-February until late march I attended an online course at the University of Leicester; England in the time of Richard III. While this course had been held a number of times when I started, it this time became unique in the sense that the final study week coincided with the reinterment of the King himself at the Leicester Cathedral.

As I have a “borderline” obsession with learning more about the period in which I´m interested, I´m now about to start yet another online course on the subject of Medieval English Literature and Culture at the American Saylor Academy. Wish me luck! 😉


Professionally, I work as a journalist and spend every vacation possible in England together with my soon to be 11 year old son.

/Camilla, second week of April 2015

contact: undertudorrosen@gmail.com

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